nat innovation

Plantinova is a company which EDITS plant varieties with the aim to develop new food products with high added value and focused on the end user needs.

Have an idea? Talk and work to develop it...


Is our ideas Lab,
where the innovation process takes place.

- Acquisition of genetic material from R&D centers and individual breeders.
- Testing of varieties and selection of new products.
- Development of technical and crops protocol.
- Design Thinking, prototyping and product positioning.
- Show Room and demonstration gardens.
- Management of Intellectual Property

Philosophy and work values

Do things in a different way and surround yourself with creative people

1. Explore what others have not thought yet
2. If in doubt, focus always on the user
3. Search features beyond the technical quality of the products.
4. Explore new business models.
5. Promote the co-creation and collaboration with professionals of the industry.

Human team and contributors

Lluis Masvidal

CEO, founder and specialist in innovation and development (I+D) of new agricultural products.

Manel Tió

Head of Fruit Division

Charlotte Weis

Sales & Customer support

Jorge Muñiz

Landscape and Ubiq collaborator in the Smart Greens project.
Montse Andreu

Montse Andreu

Resposible for Administration
Jordina Tió

Jordina Tió

Design Thinking and Product Design.