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The next Photinia generation
A ultimate collection of varieties obtained in Australia
and adapted to the rigorous Mediterranean climate.

Several varieties of Photinia, with deep red and bronze colours

Fireball Red

Photinia x fraseri PARBRI

The ultimate Photinia with great benefits for landscape architects and consumers. Fireball Red has been bred for its bright-red new growth and fantastic compact-round shape. Perfect choice for colourful, low-growing foundation plantings, small hedges, municipal plantings and home gardening. Also fits very well in patio containers.


• Small leaves in a bright-red color
• Excellent natural self-branching
• Fills container top to bottom
• Store-level impulse item
• Low maintenance in landscape

Shape: very compact, round shape
Height: 0,9 – 1,2 m
Color: stunning bright red
Use: patio containers, small hedges