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If you are a breeder or new varieties of plants agent, this is your space.
Plantinova is the meeting point for developing your ideas, analyze new products and organize the launch in the commercial market.

Whatever the point your project is at, Plantinova is your partner for creative breeding and market success.

Plantinova is offering full range of services thorough PLANT LAB BCN, a modern desigtn & innovation centre created to serve plant Breeder's and plant Developers.



Elite stock production

Royalty returns for a newly introduced variety is only guaranteed when a reliable source of elite material has been established. In connection with associated Labs, we provide a centralized source of elite stock with the corresponding virus testing and true-to- type testing.


Licensing and ip management

Protection of innovation and commercial exploitation of the varieties is the basis for business of breeders and Plant developers. When contracting Plantinova as Licensing Agent, the following scope of services is generated:

• PBR, Plant Patent and/or Trademark applications on behalf of the Breeder
• Testing Agreements with potential licensees
• Definition of Licence structure and distribution strategies
• Licence and sales agreements for the exploitation of the varieties
• Collection and settlement of royalties
• Monitoring and control activities


Product design

Do you have a special variety or crop and you don't know how tho position them in the market? Want to know the consumer reaction to it? This is a service specially designed for you.

Using the tools of Design Thinking we can help you in product positioning, product design, prototyping and packaging and refinement with retailers/consumer testing if required.


Open days and promotional events

Our Trial facilities are designed to host several companies simultaneously showing and promoting their products.

If you are not contracting our technical services but interested in promoting your genetics thorough our Open Day events, this service o_ers you the possibility to have a customized space, show room display and access to common facilities.


Seedling test

We offer to test and select seedlings or breeding lines in our facilities and in confidential basis. Oriented to breeders missing space or located far away from the market. Also for breeders located in northern areas who can benefit of selecting in Mediterranean conditions by reducing 2-3 months the breeding process.


Candidates trial

This is our standard Breeder's Trials to evaluate candidate varieties and select potential new varieties in semi-commercial conditions. It includes growing of plants, collection of technical data & pictures and assisted selection with Key customers.


Commercial trials

Commercial trials are designed to promote commercial and pre-commercial varieties to potential licensees, growers and retailers. Plants are grown in commercial pot sizes and big containers when required. On request we can also include comparison varieties in the trials or heat tolerant testing thorough the summer.


Regional trials

Testing and selecting in Barcelona offers multiple advantages and covers a large number of geographical zones; but it is also advisable to test the varieties in the main consumption markets. Thorough our network of key customers and partners, we offer the possibility to test the varieties under specific climatic conditions (heat&humid, cold&wet, others).


Variety cleaning and testing

Breeder is supposed to provide clean material of the commercial varieties for further propagation and licensing. If you need assistance in establishing the initial propagation material, Plantinova can do it for you.


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