Peach and nectarine varieties covering seasons
from early May to mid-August

Peaches and nectarines with white and yellow flesh, juicy flesh with a sweet, fresh and aromatic flavor.

Pink Ring


> Breeding

CRA (Forlí)
(Flavortop x Snowqueen) x Stark Saturn
Code for protection request: 2O114998
Flat peach with white flesh

> Vegetative characteristics

Plant with medium-high vigor.Semi-open shape. Quick entry into production with good rustic look. Very high productivity.

> Blooming

Blooming at the same time than UFO-4®. Good quality flowers.

Good fertility. It needs Flower or Fruit thinning.


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> Fruit characteristics

Flat and regular-shape fruit.. The caliber is slightly superior thanUFO-4®, (+70 mm). The colour covers the 70-100% of the surface of the fruit. Do not force the harvesting in order to not influence the coloration.

Medium-high consistency of the pulp, with the flesh semi-attached to the bone.

Good pistilar closing and low cracking sensibility.

It has a good quality flavor, with juicy pulp. Very sweet and aromatic flavor. 11,7 OºBrix. Acidity: 3.2 g/l.

Good production.

> Licensed Nurseries

El Vivero de Abel, Selecplant SL, Viveros Carrasco, Viveros Hernandorena, Viveros Macetplant, Viveros y Frutas Serveto, Viversa.