Peach and nectarine varieties covering seasons
from early May to mid-August

Peaches and nectarines with white and yellow flesh, juicy flesh with a sweet, fresh and aromatic flavor.



> Breeding

CRA (Caserta)
Royal Glory x Flordastar
Registration Nr.: EU-20072202
Very premature peach with yellow flesh

> Vegetative characteristics

Medium vigor plant with open shape or semi-open, adapted to southern environments. In protected crops and on rootstocks with low cold requirements, enhances earliness and other pomological characteristics.

> Blooming

Early and full of flowers, evenly distributed on the branches. Good fertility.

> Maturation

Very early (first half of May, shortly before Rich May).



> Fruit characteristics

Round shaped and symmetrical fruit, with slightly cleft apex and a surfaced line suture. Skin with little hair, with a strong velvet rouge colour (90-100% of the surface) on a yellow background.

The flesh is yellow with deep red veining, medium texture, with meat attached to the bone.

Optimal flavor by date: 10,5ºBrix.

The hardness of the fruit is good, with a very good postproduction, which makes this variety suitable for export.

> Comments

We see an earlier harvest (5-7 days) and a significant increase in size and production when using the ROOTPAC -40 rootstock.

> Licensed Nurseries

El Vivero de Abel; Selecplant SL; Viveros Carrasco; Viveros Hernandorena; Viveros Macetplant; Viveros y Frutas Serveto; Viversa.