Peach and nectarine varieties covering seasons
from early May to mid-August

Peaches and nectarines with white and yellow flesh, juicy flesh with a sweet, fresh and aromatic flavor.

Ufo 2


> Breeding

CRA (Roma)

Maybelle x Saturn
Protected variety
Registration Nr.:OEVV 2OO64659
Very premature flat peach with white flesh

> Vegetative characteristics

Very vigorous plant with semi-open shape.High productivity.

> Blooming

It blooms in early May in Murcia. Very floriferous, uniformly distributed on the branches. Good fertility. It needs Flower or Fruit thinning.

> Ripening

Early maturation: early May in Murcia.


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> Fruit characteristics

Flat and slightly asymmetrical fruit. The apex is slightly cleft. 7O caliber, mediumweight 85 gr.

Slightly hairy and skin, attached to the pulp. Red skin (85% of the surface) on a creamy white background.

The flesh is white, fairly consistent. The flesh is attached to a very small bone.

OptimalFlavor: 13.5 ° Brix (fresh).

> Observations

We see earlier harvesting (5-7 days) and a significant increase in size and production when using the ROOTPAC -4O rootstock.

> Licensed nurseries

El Vivero de Abel, Selecplant SL, Viveros Carrasco, Viveros Hernandorena, Viveros Macetplant, Viveros y Frutas Serveto,